Live Show of Hoco’s 3in1 apple watch leather bands, Single Double Tour and Cuff

December 21, 2015

We could admit that the original Apple Watch is a good-looking watch, but the decoration is more elegant, more refined. A couple months ago, we specifically put up a coverage on the tips about How to get look with third party apple watch bands, and today we will show you the detail review of apple watch with bands,which let you easily own Single tour, long double tour and cuff 3 styles. 

What is this? H oco Double Tour Cuff Apple Watch Band

The Hoco’s 3in1 new Strap certainly makes the watch more beautiful, and more desirable. It comes with 38mm and 42mm, suit for Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sports and Edition, with all 4 color options you can ge. And in addition, you can get 3 style in one package, that’s single tour, long double tour and cuff.

1.  Single Tour style with Apple Watch

Hoco Single Tour Apple Watch Hermes Bands
2.  Long Double Tour style with Apple Watch

Hoco Double Tour Hermes Apple Watch Bands Live Show

Hoco Double Tour Apple Watch Hermes Bands-Blue

3.  Cuff style with Apple Watch

Hoco Cuff Hermes Apple Watch Band

The double tour Band from Hoco Company is made of High quality genuine leather,which guarantees a more comfortable fit with a durable and long-lasting service life

Hoco Hermes Apple Watch Bands 3in1

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