Top 5 best Tech Christmas Gifts and ideas 2015 for your family, friends

November 05, 2015

Yes, we know it may a litter early, but we think many people have countdown the days for Christmas. There's 50 days until Christmas holiday. But there are lots of brilliant Tech Christmas gifts to buy for your loved ones, so how do you make the right choice? Here we have round up the top 5 best Tech Christmas Gifts and ideas 2015 for you.

top 5 best christmas holiday gifts and ideas 2015 - focuseak

1.  Tablets: iPad

According to the survey from BestBuy, iPad is the No. 1 most wanted tech Christmas gift among those American 2,000 consumers. Yes, Apple offer many choices of tablets for us, such as iPad air 2, iPad Mini 4 and even iPad Pro if you love big screen. If you have not got one, you should have a consider. You will love the feeling of Watch Movie, play games and read e-book, etc. on the go.

Other offers are available too, such as Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Microsoft surface and Amazon Kindle.

2.  Wearable Gadgets: Apple Watch, Pepple, Fitbit

Wearable gadgets does not only make your life simple, but also are a way to help people get into shape or give that extra push for competitive types. A lot of Guys use it for sports and fitness.

apple watch chiristmas gift 2015-focuseak

In 2015, The Apple Watch may be the most popular smartwatch and it has sold about 700 million units until Nov. And if you are new owners of the Apple Watch, you can check our collection of the bestthird party apple watch bandsand straps, including stainless steel and leather bands.

3.  Smartphone: iPhone & Android

There is no doubt that the newly iPhone 6s is your best choice if you want update your phone. Or you can also take the iPhone 6 which sells at lower price. Other android phone, like Samsung galaxy Note 5, S6, S6 Edge Plus, LG G4 is the right choice too. All of them have beautiful design and high performance.

4.  Bluetooth headsets: Bose, Beats

You really need a good headset if you love music and watch movies on your Smartphone and tablets. There are varieties of different high quality Bluetooth headsets at the market, and beats and Bose enjoy a good reputation. If you don’t mind the cost, then they are your best choice

 5.  Action Camera: Gopro

Action Camera Gopro let you capture high-quality photo and video content and its sales have more than doubled every year. The camera maker is a favorite among surfers, bikers, skydivers, pretty much anyone who's looking to strap a camera to her person—or drone—and capture an adventure. So if you are Sports Lover, you can’t miss it.

We will update this article when we discover other Christmas gifts. And We Welcome Your Comments and Suggestions to let us know your choice.

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