Best Apple Watch Apps you should own: Fitness, News, Travel and More

November 02, 2015

Apple updated the new watchos 2and now the smartwatch becomes a necessary part of daily life, like the iPhone. However, there are already thousands of apps in app store but not all of them are worth your time. So below we collect the best apple watch apps you should download now, including sports fitness, news, lifestyle and more.

Top 1: Health and Fitness Runkeeper

Health and Sports should always rank No.1 and everyone should keep moving. And that’s why we recommend Runkeeper firstly.

Runkeeper have announced its 6.2 Version and now you can run without your phone and still track with Runkeeper for apple watch. You can also get heart rate data on the run, and can easily swipe right or force touch to pause an activity on the go.

Top 2: Runtastic

It is one of the better third-party offerings as it includes deep remote control functions and quick access to critical run information like elapsed time, distance and pace measurements in an easy-to-read overview pane

The Runtastic app tracks your sport and fitness activities (distance, duration, speed, elevation change, calories burned & more) - such as running, jogging, biking & walking - utilizing GPS technology to help you build healthy lifestyle habits and reach exercise goals! What’s more? Runtastic was recently overhauled to enhance your user experience.

Top 3: BBC News

BBC News is our favorite News app among the list news app for apple watch. It brings breaking news notifications to your wrist. . You get notifications about and access to headlines grouped into 'top stories', 'my news’, ‘latest headline’ and 'most read'. For each article, you get a brief synopsis and picture, and Handoff can load the full story on your iPhone.

Top 4: Rules!

Rules is simple and Easy, but can offer you a daily mini-game challenge, which is all about memorizing rules and tapping relevant cards. If you're looking to warm up your brain on the way to work, playing Rules! is as good a way.

The app costs you $2.99.

Top 5: TripAdvisor, Apple watch app travel                              

If you are traveler lover, you must know what TripAdvisor is. TripAdvisor’s latest version 12.4 is now available on your Apple Watch. With over 225 million reviews and opinions by travelers, TripAdvisor makes it easy to find the lowest airfare, best hotels, great restaurants, and fun things to do, wherever you go. And booking options for hotels, restaurants and flights are just a tap away.                         

Top 6: Instagram

The best of Instagram is now on your Apple Watch. You can browse your feed, like your favorite photos, and even leave emoji comments. And you’ll stay up to date with interactive notifications sent directly to your wrist.

There are also many of apple watch apps in the store. Next time, we will write an article about best apple watch fitness apps. If you have any good apps to recommend, welcome to contact us online.

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